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Perfecto Dog Food Satige stuckchen insauce MIT GEFLUGEL 415g


Perfecto Dog Food Canned 415g

Perfecto Dog Food Canned 415g is a canned dog food we highly recommend for your pet friend.

We have available 415g of Perfecto Dog food. we sell to distributors and retailers. its 20 tins in a pack and we sell at the price of 680 wholesale… contact us @vetplanets

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In the same way that many dogs struggle with unhealthy weight gain, many dogs struggle to keep weight on. Weight loss can be just as dangerous for dogs as weight gain, especially when it is caused by an underlying medical condition.

Low body weight is a symptom, not a disease; if your dog is underweight, there may be an underlying illness or issue at work, and you must work with your veterinarian to determine the root of the problem. Only after fixing this, will you be able to help your pooch add a little weight.

While your dog needs medical attention to diagnose the exact reason, a premium dog food with the right balance of protein and fat can make a huge difference. However, not every product claiming to be high-calorie gets the balance right. It takes a bit of research to find that perfect balance that can ensure a healthy weight gain without risks.


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