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Binggo adult dog food 7.5kg


 Binggo adult crunchy dry food

Binggo adult dog food is a premium dog food that is 100% proudly Nigerian. It is a dry extruded dog meal that requires no cooking. It is fresh, affordable and nutritionally balanced; produced under hygienic condition with carefully selected raw materials of the highest qaulity in adequate proportion s to give your pet the best nutrients for optimum growth and performance.

The perfect pet food for your dog. A premium line that includes specialities designed specifically to respect individual characteristics. It satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors, and employing specific solutions for different sizes of animal.

It is available in chicken and fish flavours. Addresses the very specific needs of young dogs, providing nutrition designed for growing puppies. Its composition bridges a critical nutritional gap. Providing the most comprehensive solution for the well being of the puppy from weaning throughout the stage of puppy hood. Binggo puppy crunchy dry dog food is available in 5kg and 10kg pack sizes. Is a highly nutritious and palatable extruded dog food with state of the art facilities under hygienic conditions and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Binggo adult crunchy dry dog food is available in 7.5kg and 15kg pack sizes. Dogs love it with passion.

Weight 7.5 kg
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