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Dr.Clauder’s Selected Meat Country Style Venison 400g

Dr.Clauder’s Selected Meat Country Style Venison 400g

Dr.Clauder’s Selected Meat Country Style Venison: The Sausage Selected Meat Country Style Rotwild by Dr. Clauder’s is a complete dog food. It has a natural country flavor and is made with selected ingredients (no artificial additives).

Composition: Deer 44% (muscle meat, offal), duck 21% (muscle meat, liver), beef 16.8% (muscle meat, offal), pork 17% (muscle meat, offal), fennel seeds 0.2%, minerals 1%.

Analytical components: Crude protein 10.5%, crude fat 4.8%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 2.2%, moisture 79%. Additives/kg: Vitamin A 2000 IU, D3 200 IU, E 25 mg, biotin 25 mcg, zinc (as zinc oxide) 20 mg, copper (as copper sulfate, pentahydrate) 1.5 mg, iodine (as calcium iodine, anhydrous) 0.75 mg.

Technological Additives: Cassia Gum 2,500 mg. Recommendation / instructions for use: Make sure your pet always has clean, fresh water available!

Benefits of good nutrition

Having your pet, the best dog food has many immediate benefits. These foods can make your dear one, a healthy and joyful pet.

1. Perfect muscle tone

Much like humans, dogs need protein-based food too to grow muscles. Athletic dogs need the perfect tone of tissues, cells, and muscles in their body. Good quality dog food becomes a balanced source of protein to the dogs, and that keeps their body repairing from any cell damage inside. Hence, your dog gets a perfect toned body and stays young for much older times by food. Good muscle health makes your dog a fit one.

2. Limited weight gain

Good quality dog foods have a balanced content of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. These ingredients do not increase the weight of your pet but still fulfill all the nutritional requirements. So, keeping them on a high-quality dog food diet is one of the best ways to keep their weight in control.

3. Proper energy throughout

Dogs are generally sporty creatures. You cannot expect them to be lying down all the time with sad faces. So, a healthy dog stays energetic all the time. High-quality dog foods take time to break down, so they give prolonged energy to your four-legged guy/girl.


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