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Booster Sport Dry Dog Food 25kg


Why Booster Sport Dry Dog  Food 25kg?

Every dog lover or pet owner wants the very best for his/her dog. The importance of feeding your dog a high quality balanced meal cannot be over emphasized. Usually, pet owners are met with so much confusion when they want to buy a good dog food because of the several brands of dog food on display in shelves at supermarkets and pet stores. I am about to give you reasons choosing Booster dog food is the best for your dog.

Booster Dry Dog Food Benefits:

• Chicken Meal is First Ingredient
• Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate to support joint health
• No Corn, Wheat, or Soy
• Spirulina (freshwater, blue-green algae) – Superfood
• High plant base protein rich in vitamins & minerals
• Improving digestion
• Building stronger immune defenses
• Nutrients & Antioxidant protection
• Stress reduction
• Blend of Omega 3 + 6 – for a Healthy Skin & Coat
• Probiotics & Vitamin supplements
• Vegetables (Carrot, Spinach & Peas) – Excellent source of Nutritional  Fiber/Protein


  • Weight (kg): 15
  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: Pelleted dog food
  • Shop Type: VetPlanet

Key Features:

  • Works as the name implies “Booster”
  • Formulated  to meet  the nutritional level  established  by AAFCO (dog) food nutrient profiles.
  • Crude Protein 32% Min.
  • Crude Fat 20% Min.
  • Crude Fiber 20% Max.
  • Ash 7.0% Max.
  • Moisture 10% Max.
  • Calcium  1.6% Min.
  • Phosphorous 1.0% Min.
  • Selenium  0.2mg/kg Min.
  • Zinc 100mg/kg Min.
Weight 25 kg
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