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York Chocolate

York Chocolate

The ideal York Chocolate is a strikingly rich chocolate brown or lustrous lavender with a coat that has a glossy sheen and flows over body lines accentuating graceful, flexible body movement.


York Chocolates are an extremely friendly, even-tempered breed. They strike a nice balance between high energy and loving devotion. After a rousing session of fetch or catch-the-catnipmouse, they want to snuggle into the lap of their preferred person for some purring and petting.

Although not generally vocal, York Chocolates are enthusiastic purrers and make a characteristic “purrrt?” questioning sound when announcing their arrival, or alerting you to serious problems, such as empty food bowls.

Physical Attributes


Size medium to large. Oblong, lengthy type with smooth flowing body lines. Neck is short to medium. Chest is full and rounded. Boning is sturdy; musculature firm. The rump slightly higher than shoulders. Males are larger, heavier boned, and more muscular than females.


Medium size, in proportion to body, longer than wide when whiskers and facial hair are smoothed back. Head is modified wedge shape, beginning at nose and spreading to tips of ears. Muzzle is moderately rounded, neither short nor sharply pointed. In profile, skull is slightly rounded; nose has slight dip. Slight whisker break, gently curved, following lines of wedge. Chin is gently contoured; tip in an even plane with tip of upper lip.


Large, pointed, tufted, tilting forward, broad at base, set well apart continuing wedge line of the head. Ears are tufted inside, little hair is present on outside


Medium in size, almond shaped, slanted slightly toward nose, conforming with wedge line of head. Eyes are at least one eye length apart. Color is striking gold, green, or hazel.

Legs & Paws

Legs are medium to long in length and well-muscled. Hind legs are slightly longer than forelegs. Paws are large, round, and slightly tufted.


Medium to long; length comparable to length of body; wide at base tapering to rounded end.


Medium long in length, smooth and glossy, following body lines. Texture is soft and silky to the roots, with no wooly undercoat. Hair is shorter on face, belly, and lower legs; longer on back, sides, and upper legs. Slight frontal ruff. Ears and toes tufted.


Solid chocolate; solid lavender; bicolor chocolate and white; bicolor lavender and white. Chocolate brown color slow in developing. Kittens are significantly lighter than mature cats and may have some barring and tipping.

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