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They say you should dress for success and these kitties took heed. Reportedly smarter and more advanced than other cats, the tuxedo cat is arguably the most consistently famous cat out there. Felix the cat, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, and Sylvester the cat of Looney Tunes fame are all tuxedos. Cartoons aside, tuxies have inherited more money than most people and have even gone to the top of Mount Everest!

These out-of-this-world tuxedo cats are a color pattern, not a breed. The bicolored sophisticated tuxies, as their fans call them, come in many different breeds with fur that’s long, short and everything in between. The common trait among them is their signature dark-over-white dress suit combination. Many tuxedos cats have additional gorgeous nuances to their coats, like blotches and mustaches, or other things to make you go “awwww.”

Tuxies have been loved and admired by some of the world’s top artists, musicians and politicians and are sure to be the purrfect addition to any family.


Though tuxie cats come in a variety of breeds, cat parents will tell you their sharp-dressing kitties share some of the same characteristics. Unlike tortoiseshell’s feisty tortitude, tuxies supposedly have a laid-back, friendly alternative: “tuxietude.”

Tuxies are all cuddles and purrs, making friends easily with just about anyone. They love a good play date. They are sharp as a tack and hit life milestones before other cats—tuxie kittens open their eyes 24 hours sooner than other cats!

Physical Attributes


Believe it or not, not all black and white cats are tuxies and not all tuxies have to be black and white—unless you are a tuxedo cat purist.

The classic tuxie is mostly black with white on the underside. Some even have a little white on their faces or a “bowtie” black splotch on their chest. This general patterning of the black and white is what gives these cats their adorable tuxedo title. Some gray, orange, silver, or even tortoiseshell cats are also called tuxedos by their doting cat-parents, if they have they have this special jacket-like pattern with white.


So how did these cats get their bicolored coats? Old science said it started in the embryo. Supposedly, the cells that give kitties their fur pigments were “slow” and didn’t reach the embryo before it fully formed. More recent researchers have disputed this. It is now thought that the cells in charge of pigmentation move randomly during development and don’t follow any instructions for the ultimate fur color. Essentially, their multiplication does not happen at a predictable rate.

Because tuxies appear in a variety of breeds, their fur can be long and silky, short and ruffled or anywhere in between! British Shorthair, Turkish Angora and Maine Coons (and many more breeds) can be tuxedo. They are also equally likely to be either male or female, with neither sex dominating in the tuxie sphere.

Their stylish suits also exude mystery. During an equinox, it’s said that tuxies seem to disappear because of their coloring. Some think this is some type of special tuxie magic!

Whether or not they are truly magical, tuxedo cats have been hld in high esteem throughout the ages and will always be a great adoption choice for any family.

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