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Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora: A balanced, graceful cat with a fine, silky coat that shimmers with every movement, in contrast to the firm, long muscular body beneath it.


Angoras seem to invoke strong responses in their humans with their symmetry, intelligence, and devotion. Angoras bond with their owners completely; an Angora is not happy unless they are right in the middle of whatever you’re doing. They enjoy a good conversation and can keep up their end of the discussion with the best of them.

Physical Attributes


Medium size. Males may be slightly larger than females. Body is long and slender, possessing greater depth than width, oval rather than round (not tubular). Shoulders the same width as hips. Rump slightly higher than shoulders. Finely boned with firm muscularity.


Small to medium, in balance with the length of the body and extremities. Shape a medium long, smooth wedge. Nose medium in length. Neck slim, graceful, and rather long. Chin firm, gently rounded. Tip in profile to form perpendicular line with nose.


Large, wide at base, pointed and tuffed. Set closely together, high on the head, vertical and erect.


Large, almond shaped, slanting slightly upward with open expression. Each eye color can include much variation within defined spectrum. Turkish Angora eye colors include blue, sky blue to sapphire; green, gooseberry to emerald; green-gold, gold or amber eye that carries greenish cast or ring; amber, gold to rich copper but no green cast or ring; odd eyed, with one blue eye and the other green, green-gold, or amber.

Legs & Paws

Legs long. Hind legs longer than front. Paws small, round, and dainty.


Long and tapering from a wide base to a narrow end, with a full brush.


Single coated. Length of body coat varies, but tail and ruff are typically long, full, finely textured, and have a silk-like sheen. “Britches” are apparent on the hind legs.


Chocolate, lavender, the Himalayan pattern, or these combinations with white.

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