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The Tonkinese is an alert, active cat with good muscular development. Tonkinese cats are very personable and are known for their good temperament and loyal companionship.


The Tonkinese has a winsome personality, not surprising since the Burmese and Siamese are prized for their temperaments. Faithful followers say the Tonkinese has the best of both breeds. Its voice is milder in tone than the Siamese; however, it does believe in feline free speech and wants to share all of the day’s adventures with you when you come home in the evening.

Physical Attributes


Torso medium in length, demonstrating well-developed muscular strength without coarseness. The Tonkinese conformation strikes a midpoint between the extremes of long, svelte body types and cobby, compact body types. Balance and proportion are more important than size alone. The abdomen should be taut, well-muscled, and firm.


The head is a modified slightly rounded wedge somewhat longer than it is wide, with high gently planed cheekbones. The muzzle is blunt, as long as it is wide. a slight whisker break, gently curved, follows lines of the wedge. Slight stop at eye level. In profile the tip of the chin lines with the tip of the nose in the same vertical plane. Gentle rise from the tip of the nose to the stop. Gentle contour with a slight rise from the nose stop to the forehead. Slight convex curve to the forehead.


Alert, medium in size. Oval tips, broad at the base. Ears set as much on the sides of the head as on the top. Hair on the ears very short and close-lying.


Open almond shape. Slanted along the cheekbones toward the outer edge of the ear. Eyes are proportionate in size to the face.

Legs & Paws

Fairly slim legs, proportionate in length and bone to the body. Hind legs slightly longer than front. Paws more oval than round. Trim. Toes: five in front and four behind.


Proportionate in length to body. Tapering.


Medium short in length, close-lying, fine, soft and silky, with a lustrous sheen.


Natural, champagne, blue, and platinum in solid, point, and mink patterns. With the dilute colors in particular, development of full body color may take up to 16 months. Cats do darken with age.

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