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Snack IT Liver Cream Pork 75g

Snack IT Liver Cream Pork 75g

Snack IT Liver Cream Pork:

  • with lots of fresh meat
  • with FOS to suppoirt a stable digestive system
  • delicious gourmet snack
  • No added salt or sugar

Product Information:

The indulging gourmet snack. Packed with lots of fresh meat. Plus FOS to support a stable digestive system. Without added salt or sugar.


Complementary feed for adult cats. Composition:
of pork 58% (meat, liver 14%, bacon, fats), milk protein, vegetable concentrate, skimmed milk powder, pea fiber, celery root powder, onion powder, inulin (FOS) 0.5%, tomato.
Analytical Constituents:
crude protein 12.8%, crude fat 15.8%, crude fibre 1.9%, crude ash 3.2%, moisture 59.1%.
Administration suggestion:
Add to feed or give separately. Store cool after opening and use soon. Always provide fresh water! Close the tube carefully after use.

Treats aren’t just for pets of the canine variety – cats love them too! If used correctly, they can be a great way to reward your feline, show love and encourage good behaviour. The realm of cat treats can be a bit of a mystery to some, so for the sake of good kitty adoration, we bring you a few simple tips.

Cats are small and don’t need a huge amount of food, and it can be easy to overfeed them if you’re adding treats to their regular diets. Make sure that you’re not providing more that 10 percent of their daily calorific intake in treats. Alternatively, you could use a portion of their daily biscuits as treats.

When looking for treats, go for quality, natural ingredients. Meat should be the first ingredient listed on the back, and low-calorie options are best.

Be wary of treating cats with human food, especially from the table, as this can encourage ‘begging’ – your kitty won’t be so cute when it’s disturbing a peaceful dinner!

Make sure that what you’re giving your cat isn’t unsafe for it to eat, like chocolate, onions, garlic, raisins or grapes.


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