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Singapura: The appearance of an alert healthy small- to medium-sized muscular bodied cat with noticeably large eyes and ears in proportion to its head. Cat to have the illusion of refined delicate coloring.

Singapura Personality

The Singapura took its name from the Malay word for the Republic of Singapore, Singapura, which means “lion city.” That’s why Singapuras are known as little lions of love. Puras, happily unaware of the controversy that surrounded their creation, go right on being what they are: people pleasers.

Physical Attributes of Singapura

Singapura Body

Small to medium overall size cat. Moderately stocky and muscular body, legs, and floor to form a square. Mid-section not tucked but firm. Neck tends toward short and thick.


Skull rounded front to back and side to side with rounded width at the outer eye narrowing to a definite whisker break and a medium-short, broad muzzle with a blunt nose. In profile, a rounded skull with a slight curve well below eye level. Straight line nose to chin. Chin well developed.


Large, slightly pointed, wide open at the base, and possessing a deep cup. Medium set. Outer lines of the ear to extend upward at an angle slightly wide of parallel.


Large, almond shaped, held wide open but showing slant. Neither protruding nor recessed. Eyes set not less than an eye width apart. Color hazel, green, or yellow with no other color permitted.

Legs & Paws

Legs heavy and muscled at the body tapering to small short oval feet.


Length to be short of the shoulder when laid along the torso. Tending toward slender but not whippy. Blunt tip.


Fine, very short, silky texture, Iying very close to the body.


Sepia agouti only.

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