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Pride and groom flea and tick shampoo is specially formulated to be mild and gentle whilst cleaning the coat thoroughly to improve the texture and appearance leaving it soft and glossy. This shampoo contains a combination of natural essential oils which have known flea and tick repelling properties, so will help remove any infestation. Use of this shampoo is a smart way of conditioning your pets fur and a preventive measure against flea and tick infestations.

Direction for use:

Wet pets body with water. Pour a moderate amount into hand or wash cloth and gently was pets hair and skin. Rinse thoroughly.


Keep out reach of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact witheyes rinse immediately with plenty water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice. Keep in cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Pride and groom Ingredients:

Aqua, sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Glycerine, Sodium  Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Dimethylol Dimethyl Hydanton, Peppermint Oil, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA,  Citric Acid Cedar Wood Oil.

Why use dog shampoo for your dogs

1. Human Shampoo is Not for Dogs

Dogs and people have very different skin and hair.

Human shampoo often contains harsh detergents that damage a dog’s coat and irritate his skin. The detergents wash away natural protectants, making your dog vulnerable to infections.

Dog shampoo is gentle so natural oils aren’t stripped away. It protects his skin and coat but still gets the dirt out.

You may have heard it’s okay to use baby shampoo on your puppy, it couldn’t be more wrong. It will dry out his coat, and doesn’t provide proper Ph balance and protection.

2. Shampoo to Kill Fleas and Ticks

Buy the shampoo made to keep away fleas and ticks. It will help get rid of the pests. It may also be effective when fighting lice.

Be prepared to leave the shampoo on your dog for 10 minutes or more. It needs time to work. The shampoo kills the pests and keeps their eggs from hatching.

Flea shampoos treat your dog’s coat in a safe and effective way. Always follow your veterinarian’s directions.

3. Hypoallergenic and Anti-itch Shampoo

Is your dog allergic to fragrances and other ingredients in regular dog shampoos? If so, choose a hypoallergenic shampoo.

If your pet has issues with itching, first check for fleas, then check for food allergies. Food allergy is one of the most common causes of itchy skin. Corn, wheat, or soy are common triggers.

Buy an anti-itch shampoo with hydrocortisone or lidocaine in it. These ingredients are anti-inflammatory and will soothe your dog.

If a particular spot on your dog is bothering him, try an anti-itch spray. The nozzle lets you spray the specific area that itches. This may save you from a full body shampoo with medicated shampoo.

4. Treatment for Mange

If your dog has mange, your veterinarian may prescribe a specially-medicated shampoo.

Mange is a skin disease caused by mites. The contagious mites burrow into your pet’s skin. The results are itching, hair loss, and rashes.

A serious case of mange can cause problems with your dog’s immune system.

Frequent bathing with proper dog shampoo helps your pet maintain proper Ph balance. This protects him against bacteria and infections.

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