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The Persian is a heavily boned, well-balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft, round lines. This cat has large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head. The long thick coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the roundness in appearance.


If you want your cats bouncing around like hyperactive popcorn, don’t adopt a Persian. Persians are perfect companions, if you like placid, sweet-tempered cats. Don’t count on using your Persian pal as a furry doorstop, however. They love to play between periods of regal lounging on your favorite davenport. Proponents say that Persians do not deserve their furniture-with-fur reputation; they are intelligent, just not as inquisitive as some breeds, and not as active.

Physical Attributes


Substantial and rangy. Medium to large in size. Prominent shoulder
blades. Back not level, slight upward slope toward hips. Hips medium
width, prominent, slightly higher than shoulder sloping downward to
tail. Deep flank, broad chest. Primordial belly pouch.


Medium to large inverted pear. Chin well-developed. Full broad muzzle.
Fleshy gently rounded whisker pads. Definite whisker break. Nose
wide, slightly convex. Slight nose bump. Slightly rounded forehead;
concave curve, eye ridge to bridge of nose.


Medium height, wide, deep base. Set as much on side as top of head,
slight outward tilt.


Medium-sized, heavily hooded soft triangle. Bushy brow. Deep set, one
eye width apart. Eye color gold, brown, or gooseberry green.

Legs & Paws

Legs long, hind legs slightly longer. Muscular with heavy boning. Feet
large, long, wide almost round, large fleshy toes. All toes except dew
claws must rest on floor pointing forward. Seven toes maximum.


Tail bone is usually two inches minimum, maximum length to hock
with leg extended. Some have an articulated tail, kinks and curls.


All shades of Brown Spotted Tabby; mouse coat; reversed ticking; light
color throat to belly; paw pads/hocks dark brown/black; tail tip is usually dark brown/black; white or cream band must surround eye; mascara
marking from outer corner down through cheek. Pattern small to
medium spots; muted by ticking; random spotting.

Coat: Long Hair

Medium, under two inches (5 cm). Belly hair longer. Texture soft, lying
closer to the body than shorthair. Semi-dense. Coat, color, and pattern
secondary to type. Both coats’ facial hair is full and bushy, with downward
growth pattern. Coat separates easily and is weather resistant.

Coat: Short Hair

Short stand-up coat. Belly hair longer. Texture soft and wooly, having
loft. Is resilient to the touch. Coat, color, and pattern secondary to
type. Both coats facial hair is full and bushy, with downward growth
pattern. Coat separates easily and is weather resistant.

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