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Papillon Dog Breed

Papillon Dog Breed

Papillon: This breed appeared in paintings in the 1200s and was known then as the toy Spaniel and was owned by royalty and noblemen. Many paintings feature the toy Spaniel with dropped ears called the Phalene (moth) and the large erect ears of the Papillon.

Average lifespan

Papillon’s can live up to 16 years of age.

Average height & weight

20cm to 28cm
2kg to 3kg

Breed personality, characteristics & temperament of Papillon

This breed is a friendly little dog and shows no aggression, it is clean and easy to manage in a small back yard or unit. It loves company, is very intelligent and can be taught tricks or obedience.

Papillon Compatibility with other pets

Will live happily with other pets, but care should be taken with larger dogs because of their small size.

Care requirements

Needs regular brushing and bathing as they do shed their coat. Care must be taken with the ear canals on the drop-eared variety. Does not have many health problems, but can occasionally suffer from slipping patellas – check with breeder in this regard. Enjoys walks and regular exercise, but is quite happy in the back yard.

Please take note

Because of its small size is not ideal for young children.

Ideal owners

This is a companion dog and so they do not live happily without a lot of human contact or living outside the home.

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