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Emporium dog soap reduces shedding, dander and allergies in cats, promotes healthy skin coat and leaves the fur clean soft and shiny. It also help to remove tick and fleas from dogs.

Why do we love Natural Pet Soap?

There are more than 160 different skin conditions affecting dogs, some of which are harder to treat than others. Like humans, dogs can suffer from irritated skin, often as a result of allergens or other irritants they come into contact with; natural pet soap can help soothe itchy and dry skin conditions.

It’s sometimes difficult to know why your dog suddenly seems to be scratching – fleas and other parasites are a common culprit for itchiness but, if your dog is still scratching after being treated for fleas, it might be time to take extra measures to understand the root of the problem.

Itching is the second most common reason for a trip to see the vet with your dog. During a consultation, your veterinarian will check over your pet and ask questions about how often he or she scratches, if they’re shedding more than usual and whether your dog is causing damage to their skin by scratching constantly.

The vet may diagnose your dog with dry skin, especially if your pet’s coat seems dry and dandruff is clearly visible. A number of elements can affect your dog’s skin, including the humidity of the area you live in, your pet’s diet and what you use to clean their coat. Your vet may suggest you change to a different brand of dog food and swap out the products you use to wash your pet for less irritating alternatives.

Pet soap and shampoo made with natural ingredients can be a soothing solution for your dog’s dry skin; Soap.Club has a line of specially-formulated pet grooming products that provide gentle cleansing and deodorization without irritating your dog’s skin. There are many benefits to choosing natural pet grooming products – here are our top picks.


The chemicals in pet grooming products can sometimes irritate your pet, especially if they suffer from dry, itchy skin. Artificial ingredients may cause your dog to become itchier than usual, or make their dry skin worse – the same is also true of some bath and body products manufactured for humans. The solution is often to find a natural pet soap or shampoo made with ingredients derived from nature. Be sure to check the label though, some pet grooming products labeled as natural are perhaps not as natural as you might think.


Many natural pet shampoos and soaps are infused with essential oils for a great scent; a beneficial side-effect of these oils is that they often help repel parasites like fleas. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, citronella and eucalyptus are all known flea repellents, so see if your natural pet products contain any of these naturally aromatic oils. Of course, it’s always advisable to maintain an effective flea control treatment schedule alongside use of these natural products.

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