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The Munchkin cat has no problem getting around the same as its longer-limbed feline friends — it just might take them a few extra steps along the way. These cute, curious cats are known for snatching shiny objects, so don’t be surprised if these “magpies” borrow your favorite piece of jewelry.


For their part, Munchkins, oblivious to the controversy surrounding them, go on being just what they are—cats—self-assured and outgoing. Shortchanged in the leg department doesn’t mean short on intelligence or personality. Friendly and people-oriented, Munchkins make devoted companions, and they get along well with other cats, dogs, and people.

They love to wrestle and play with their long-legged feline friends, happily unaware that there’s anything different about them. Nor do their feline companions treat them as members of the vertically challenged. It’s only humans who look at them askance.

Physical Attributes


Thick semi-foreign body, not compact. Back gently slopes upward from shoulders to tail. Well-rounded chest and firm hips. Boning medium, without undue bulk. Firmly developed muscular strength.


Modified wedge with rounded contours, in proportion with body. High, defined cheekbones. Chin firm, but not overly prominent; aligns with nose. Muzzle moderate with gentle contours in proportion with head. Nose medium in length. Forehead is flat.


In proportion with head, broader at base, ending in slightly rounded tips; placed as much on top of head as on sides; not flaring; alert.


Walnut shaped; spaced rather wide apart giving an open and alert expression, and at a slight angle toward base of ears. No relationship between coat and eye color.

Legs & Paws

Legs short, set evenly apart when viewed from front or back. Upper and lower forelegs equal in length. Hind Legs thigh and lower leg approximately equal in length. Feet are round, compact in proportion with body. All four feet pointed directly straight forward, not inward or outward.


Carried erect when in motion, tapering to a rounded tip. Not overly thick. Length of the body.


Color, pattern, and hair length will vary, as the Munchkin can come in any color or pattern, including the Siamese pattern.

Coat: Long Hair

Semi-long. Texture flowing and silky, all-weather, with moderate and medium undercoat. Britches are shaggy; tail has full plume.

Coat: Short Hair

Medium to short. Solid colors may have a less dense coat. Texture
semi-plush, all-weather, resilient, with medium undercoat and lustrous

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