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Multipet Compressed Catnip Mice Cat Toy


Your kitty won’t be able to keep her paws off of Multipet’s Compressed Catnip Mice Cat Toy! This pack comes with two mice toys, providing your purring pal with plenty of entertainment. Designed to ramp up playtime and really get your feline excited, they are packed with compressed catnip. And to encourage her natural hunting behavior, the tails are made of soft feathers. These toys are small and lightweight, making them purr-fect for swatting, batting, pouncing and tossing!

Key Benefits

  • Features feathers to encourage your cat to tap into her natural hunting instincts.
  • Contains compressed catnip to help keep your cat engaged and excited during play!
  • Every purchase comes with two mouse toys.
  • Lightweight and great for tossing, batting, swatting and pouncing.
  • Available in different colors—the colors ship at random for a fun surprise!




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