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Multipet Catnip Garden Bubbles Cat Toy, 148ml


Amp up playtime with your feline friend with Multipet’s Catnip Garden Bubbles Cat Toy. These aren’t just your average bubbles; they’re made with real catnip extract! So, not only will your paw-tner love chasing and swatting as you surround her with a ton of bubbles, but the real catnip will truly drive her wild with excitement! This innovative formula is the purr-fect way to preoccupy your kitty, keep her busy and free of boredom, all while encouraging plenty of healthy exercise. This toy is a great option for multi-cat households and best of all, you don’t even have to do much work!

Key Benefits

  • Crafted with real catnip extract that’s sure to excite your feline!
  • Encourages your cat to chase and swat at the bubbles, promoting healthy exercise.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • A fun option for households with multiple paw-tners.
  • Comes ready to use with a wand.


  • 100% All Natural, North American Catnip


To give your cat the most pleasure from catnip, take a small amount of product and pinch and roll it between your fingers. This will release the oils in the product making it even more potent. Sprinkle some on the floor and watch your cat roll around and enjoy the catnip. Use catnip to attract your cat to areas you want your cat to play, such as scratching posts. revive cat toys by rubbing them with catnip.




Weight 148 kg


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