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Hartz Just For Cats Toy Variety Pack, 13 count


Cats Toy Variety Pack: Give your kitty the playtime variety he loves. It’s a purr-pourri of fun for your pal, with a kitty-approved combo of lightweight toys like catnip mice, pompoms, balls and more. It even comes with catnip to add a boost of excitement to playtime. The toys are perfect for independent play, yet are lightweight enough so you can toss them and watch your little hunter go! Plus, they’re made with pet-safe materials and help provide daily exercise and mental stimulation for your pal.

Calling all cat lovers! What should you look for in the best toys for cats? It’s important for your kitty to have mental stimulation and soothing snuggle buddies in their cat toy arsenal. Let’s take a look at some of the best cat toys out there that will burn some energy while stimulating their curious kitty minds.

Add a little catnip to their play sessions and they’ll yeowww with pure delight!

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t just champion nappers. They also need to stretch their brains, pounce and play to prevent boredom.

Just like with dogs, you should provide your cat with a healthy amount of attention and stimulation in order to avoid bad behavior or an unhappy kitty. That’s where interactive cat toys come in.

Active toys like crinkle teaser wand toys or even laser pointers are important, as are calming toys. Scratchy and cuddly plush toys soothe and comfort your cat — giving them everything they need after a long day of playing! Let’s take a deeper look.

Key Benefits of Cats Toy Variety Pack

  • Packs 13 kitty-approved toys including balls, pompoms, catnip-stuffed fish and mice, and a wand baton.
  • Supports independent or interactive play, and provides the enriching variety cats love.
  • Includes catnip mice and fish to get your pal excited about playtime and keep him coming back.
  • Great to add daily exercise to support toned muscles and keep your kitty active and healthy.
  • Made with pet-safe materials and is the perfect playtime starter set for cats of all ages.

What’s Included

6 balls, 3 pom poms, 2 mice with catnip, 1 fish with catnip, 1 wand.

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