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Hartz Just For Cats Super Hunters Cat Toy Variety Pack, 13 count


Awaken the hunter within your feisty feline with Hartz Just for Cats Super Hunters Variety Pack Cat Toy! This fun and colorful cat toy variety pack offers many ways to engage your playful kitty. Interact and bond with your cat companion using the extendable wand and attachable catnip filled plush toys. Feathered toys, rollers and balls stimulate the natural, healthy hunting and swatting instincts, while delightful light-up balls keep your cat captivated and curious. Each premium cat toy has been designed to satisfy the innate behaviors your kitty inherited from her wild descendants, from stalking to swatting and even pouncing!

Cats Super Hunters cat toy Key Benefits

  • Enticing assortment of premium cat toys keeps your kitty busy and entertained all while stimulating her inner hunter.
  • Includes an extendable wand with suction cup and catnip filled plush toys that are attachable to the wand.
  • Variety pack also includes fun light-up balls, feathered swat toys, rattling roller toy with feathers and a plush mouse connected to a bell ball by a string.
  • Variety pack comes with 13 toys making it especially purr-fect for households with multiple cat companions.
  • Assortment of toys is suitable for feline friends from all life stages and serves as a great way to bond with your pal.

What’s Included

Batteries for the light-up balls

About this item

  • Keep your playful cat captivated for hours with a combo of Paw some toys
  • Includes 6 balls, 3 pom-poms, 2 catnip mice, 1 catnip fish and 1 wand
  • Lightweight toys are purrfect for your cat to carry, toss and bat
  • Exercise your cat’s natural instincts to explore and thrive in the world around them with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs



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