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Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information

Golden Retriever Dog Breed are large dog breeds of Scottish origin. As their name suggests, their literal golden coat is one of their key identification marks. These dogs are known for their loving and obedient nature and their adorable faces will undoubtedly melt your hearts!

Golden Retrievers are mostly bred as pets and sometimes as guide dogs or gundogs. They have a broad body, a wide muzzle, a large and black nose, and dark eyes that distinguish them from other breeds of dogs. These dogs have a thick and furry double coat, and their ears are hairy and droopy. The best part is that Golden Retrievers can thrive in any climate.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most fun-loving dogs and love showering affection on their owners. A Golden Retriever’s temperament is extremely friendly, and they behave well around children. Plus, a Golden retriever’s personality is delightful, and their endearing smiles will make you want to pat and snuggle them right away. Their golden coat sheds frequently, so you will have to brush it to release the knots in their fur. Golden Retrievers have high energy levels and love playing outdoors. They are also easy to train and are adorable little goofballs!

Key Specifications of Golden Retriever Dog

  • Weight

    – A healthy Golden Retriever weighs between 24.9 to 34 kgs.

  • Height

    – It stands 21.5-24 inches tall.

  • Lifespan

    – A Golden Retriever’s average life span is between 10-12 years.

  • Coat

    – Its double coat is long and furry and comes in varied colours.

Behavioural Traits of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

  • Since they are friendly in nature, it is safe to have your kids sharing space with Golden Retrievers.
  • They are very easy to train and love pleasing their owners by quickly learning all tricks.
  • They have a tendency to chew things, so you will have to keep delicate and important things out of their reach.
  • Gold Retrievers bark when necessary, otherwise, they are usually quiet.
  • They are extremely loyal and make for excellent first-time pets.

Physical Appearance

– A Golden Retriever’s appearance is one of the first characteristics that captures an onlooker’s attention. Their broad and robust body structure is proof of their athleticism and their confident strides hint at their playful nature. Their heads are broad and their ears droop down to their jaws. Retrievers are incredibly lively, and their enthusiasm is contagious. You will not be able to resist playing with this adorable canine! Their double coats are shiny and come in 3 classic colours –

  • Dark Golden
  • Golden
  • Light Golden

The coat of a Golden Retriever is free of markings, patterns or stripes and its outer coat repels water. Their inner coat is thick and textured, and their tails are hairy and fluffy and arch slightly from its rear. If you want to adopt a purebred Golden Retriever or want to know how to identify one, here are some of its classic characteristics –

  • A purebred Golden Retriever’s coat always comes in golden hues. Any other colour of its coat indicates that it is a mixed breed.
  • Its tail does not extend below its hock and its length varies between 4 to 12 inches.
  • Its ears are short and fold over as well.

Behaviour of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

– Golden Retrievers are very friendly, playful and have an extroverted personality. Plus, they are highly intelligent breeds. Since they were bred to be Retrievers, they are high on energy and need an outlet for the same. Golden Retrievers make for the perfect family dog that you can even take out on vacations.

They experience issues when left alone because they love their owners and want to be with them all the time. They like fetching the morning newspapers and also playing catch with children. Golden Retrievers’ happy personality does not make them great guard dogs. With proper training, they can adjust well with other dogs, cats, and rabbits. Golden Retrievers are also excellent service dogs.

Care Requirements for Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Here’s more information on Golden Retrievers that you should know if you are thinking of adopting one:

  • Health

    – Golden Retrievers are a generally healthy breed but they are more prone to developing hip dysplasia and cancer than other dog breeds. They also develop other disorders like elbow dysplasia, cataracts, hypothyroidism, allergies, bloating and progressive retinal atrophy (gradual degeneration of the retina). Their ears should be checked and teeth should be brushed to maintain overall healthcare.

  • Grooming

    – Golden Retriever dogs have a double water repellent coat and they shed heavily in the spring and autumn season. As a Golden retriever’s owner, you should not be surprised to find dog fur on your furniture, clothes or on your bed. You can maintain its coat by brushing it daily to prevent its hair from getting tangled. Brushing the coat will also remove dead hair and keep the coat healthy. You can also bathe your Golden Retriever once in a month. But make sure that post bathing, its coat is fully dry before you start brushing it. You should also brush your retriever’s teeth twice or thrice a week to maintain oral hygiene. Regular ear checks are also important because their ears are folded, making it easier for bacteria and fungi to grow and cause ear infections.

  • Exercise

    – Golden Retrievers are energetic canines and love playing outside. Exercising is an important part of their daily routine; they need one hour of high-energy playtime. This one hour can be broken down in small segments throughout the day as well. Golden Retrievers are quite sporty and enjoy long runs, swims, hikes and even sports that put their agility to the test. Along with such physical exercises, you can also add indoor games that stimulate them mentally.

  • Nutrition

    – This dog breed has a tendency to become obese if the food consumption is not monitored. Two balanced meals, including 1.5 cups of dry dog food, each day should suffice its nutritional requirements. But it is advisable to consult the vet regarding the same. You should avoid feeding your Golden Retriever table scraps. But if you do, make sure you do not serve it cooked bones or high-fat foods. A bowl of fresh water should always be kept in an accessible range for your dog.

  • Training

    – The Golden retriever dog breed is easy to train. These dogs like to be in the heart of where all the action is taking place. They are eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train. Getting your retriever puppies acquainted with different people and activities between seven weeks and four months of age will help them adjust better in adulthood.

History of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Around the mid-to-late 1800s, the first Lord of Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks developed the Golden Retriever dog breed. These dogs are Scottish in origin. Marjoribanks bred these dogs as gun hounds for over 50 years. He wanted the dog to adjust to his area’s rainy climate and have a friendly temperament as well.

Therefore, he crossed his yellow retriever with a now-extinct breed called the Tweed water spaniel. In 1908, the Golden Retriever made its first official appearance at the British Dog Show. Jackie Chan, Emma Watson, Andrew Garfield, Diane Keaton, Adam Levine, Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Reynolds are some of the celebrities who have Golden Retrievers as pets.

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