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Force up plus non-selective, systemic, foliar-applied, pre-planting herbicide 1litre



Force Up Plus ®

Active Ingredient

Glyphosate 165 g / L + Dicamba 70 g / L SL. 



Phosphonoglycine for Glyphosate and Benzoic acid for Dicamba. 



Non-selective, systemic herbicide. 



1 L / 12 pieces / CTN FORCE UP is a pre-planting herbicide, carefully formulated preparation to control the emerged weeds. It acts by inhibiting 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP), an enzyme of the aromatic acid biosynthetic pathway. This prevents synthesis of essential aromatic amino acids needed for protein biosynthesis.


Mode of Action: It is a non-selective systemic foliar-applied, total agriculture herbicides with rapid translocation throughout the plant for the control of most stubborn annual and perennial grasses. The green parts of the weeds absorbs this product and not the mature brown bark.


Directions of use:


Ensure that the sprayer is properly and correctly calibrated before use.

Shake the container before use.

Half fill the sprayer with clean water and add the recommended quantity of this product.

Agitate during the completion of filling, rinse at least three times, adding the rinsing water to the spray tank on each occasion prior to completion of filling.

Spray only on actively growing weeds.

Apply after leaves expand fully.

If the container is empty, then destroy the container but if this product still remains in the container, replace the cap tightly after use.

Weeds to be controlled Rate of Use

Annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds 3L / Hectare

Biannual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds 6L / Hectare

Tree stump regrowth control, sugarcane eradication and undesirable shrubs 8-12L / Hectare

For more Information: Consult an Agronomy expert OR see product label.


Important Caution Before, During and After Use




This product should be handled with care and must not be allowed to come in direct contact with foodstuff and animal feed.

Do not eat, drink, chew tobacco or smoke during application.

Wear protective clothing and gloves and goggles, wear eyewear.

Bath or shower after spraying and change to clean clothes.

Wash the used equipment and your hands thoroughly immediately with soap and water after handling.

Storage: This product must be stored and secured in a safe room or premises that is well built, dry, well-lit and ventilated.


Post Spraying:


After use, wash hands and contaminated parts of the body properly with soap and clean sprayers thoroughly with water after completion of work.

Keep all unprotected persons out of treated areas for 48 hours, do not contaminate ponds or streams

After use of container, dispose off in a safe manner, so as to prevent environmental or water pollution.

Disposal: Used containers should not be left outside for their re-use, they should be broken and buried away from inhabitants. Waste should be disposed off in a landfill approved for agricultural pesticide disposal or according to Federal, State and Local rule.

Actions to take in times of Emergency (Fist Aid)


Eye: Avoid contact with eyes; if in contact with the eye, wash immediately with excessive amount of water. Continue washing by cleansing with normal saline or phosphate buffer solution. This should last and continue until the eye feels comfortable


Skin: If in contact with the skin, immediately remove the clothes and wash contaminated areas thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. Do not mix with bare hand


Inhalation: Avoid breathing vapour or spray mist. In cases of inhalation, remove the affected person to fresh air and obtain medical attention if there is any respiratory distress




Do not mix with other agricultural herbicides may reduce the activity of this product but it can be mixed with ForceUron and Extraforce.

Keep out of the reach of Children.

Read label or get proper direction before use.



Weight N/A

Force Up Size 

260g Granular, 1 Litre, 5 Litres


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