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Dr.Clauder’s Intestinal Diet 200g

Dr.Clauder’s Intestinal Diet 200g

Dr.Clauder’s Intestinal Diet:

  • highly digestible ingredients
  • to compensate for inadequate digestion
  • for relief of acute intestinal absorptive disorders
  • to assist in convalescence

Product Information:

Dr.Clauder’s Intestinal diet is a therapeutic complete food diet for cats. This intestinal diet has been specifically designed to help with inadequate digestion. For relief of acute intestinal absorptive disorders. To assist in convalescence. Particular nutritional purpose: To compensate for insufficient digestion.


Feedingstuffs for particular nutritional purposes for dogs. Composition:
of poultry, of beef, potato, salmonoil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, mannan-oligosaccharides. Analytical Constituents:
crude protein 8.1%, crude fat 8.3%, crude fibre 0.3%, crude ash 2.1%, moisture 80%, sodium 0.14%, potassium 0.27%.
Additives/kg: Nutritional additives:
vitamin: A 5,000IU, D3 500IU, E 90mg, taurine 1,000mg.
Technological additives:
Sepiolite 700mg, potassium citrate 5,000mg, Cassia Gum 1,000mg. It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian prior to feeding or extending the recommended duration. Duration of use: In acute intestinal absorptive disorders: 1-2 weeks. Until full recovery: 3-12 weeks. In chronic pancreatic insufficiency: a lifetime. Depending on the diagnosis and progression of the disease, duration of use should be discussed with your veterinarian.
Administration suggestion: Always provide fresh water!

Benefits of purchasing a high quality pet food.

  • A healthy, shiny coat
  • All of your cat’s nutritional needs will be met without the need for supplements
  • It will be easier for your cat to maintain a healthy weight
  • Your cat will have a higher energy level
  • Your cat will be hungry less often, because all of his nutritional needs will be met
  • Just like a human who eats a healthy diet, your cat will have fewer problems with illness and will be an overall healthier pet.

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