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Dr.Clauder’s Hair & Skin – Multi Derm Salmon Oil 1000ml

Dr.Clauder’s Hair & Skin – Multi Derm Salmon Oil 1000ml

Dr.Clauder’s Hair & Skin – Multi Derm Salmon Oil: salmon oil with omega 3 and unsaturated and poly unsaturated fatty acids ensures.

  • ensures a glossy and robust coat
  • maintenance of the body´s protection through skin and coat
  • prevents eating aversion and loss of appetite
  • supports silky shine and healthy coat
  • unsaturated fatty acids from fish oil supports skin and coat

Multi Derm Salmon Oil Product Information:

Protection and beauty for the skin and coat – now possible with Dr.Clauder’s Multi Derm Salmon Oil. The natural salmon oil with important, unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 approx. 25%) has a direct effect on the skin and coat. Supports the vital body functions in the liver, kidneys and the metabolism. May be beneficial for pets with decreased appetite or who refuse to eat. Promotes shiny and strong coat • Promotes appetite • Helps with sensitive skin.

Multi Derm Salmon Oil Composition:

Feed materials for dogs and cats. Composition:
100% natural salmon oil.
Analytical Constituents:
crude fat 99.9%.
Feeding advice:
Dosage: body weight / ml per day (1 teaspoon = approx. 5ml): up to 5kg: 2.5ml; 5-15kg: 5ml; 15-30kg: 10ml; over 30kg: 15ml. Start withabout 30% of the daily dose. within 1-2 weeks, increase to the full daily amount. Add to the Food.
Administration suggestion:
Shake well before each use! Always close properly. Always provide fresh water!

How can I take care of my dog’s skin?

Good skincare for canines starts at home with regular grooming sessions. Brush your dog as needed to remove tangles and debris and at the same time, inspect their skin for scabs, dry skin, and bumps. Part the fur and keep an eye out for flea bites and dirt, rashes, redness, or areas where your pet may be losing fur.

If your pup has folds in their skin, gently wipe them clean and dry every day or two. Check your pup’s ears occasionally, especially after a swim. Check the paw pads for dryness and cracks, and make sure they look clean and healthy between the toes.

Further steps to smooth and soften skin include baths when needed, using a gentle vet-approved shampoo. If you are at the park and your canine buddy gets a cut or scrape, attend to it as soon as you get home.

Lastly, if you have any concerns about your dog’s skin condition, consult the vet to see if there is an underlying cause that needs to be attended to.


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