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Dr.Clauder’s Cat Litter – Xtreme white

Dr.Clauder’s Cat Litter – Xtreme white

Dr.Clauder’s Cat Litter – Xtreme white:

  • up to 380% liquid absorbent
  • odour-binding
  • does not swell
  • particularly suitable for long haired cats
  • with a soft baby powder scent

Cat Litter – Xtreme white Product Information:

It is particularly fine, pleasantly scented and absolutely odour neutral due to a fluid absorbency of up to 380%. The odour is absorbed before it can emerge. There is no need to refill your cat litter tray every day because of the powerful clumping properties. You simply remove the individual clumps and require much less litter. This extremely fine product is also ideal for long-hair cats, since “Xtreme white” cat litter does not swell up like like conventional cat litter. Your cat stays clean, even after a visit to the Cat’s Toilet. Dr.Clauder’s cat litter „Xtreme white“ is free from harmful substances to meet the requirements for environmentally friendly animal hygiene and can be disposed with the household waste.


Not applicable. Composition:
Not applicable.
Analytical Constituents:
Not applicable.
Additives/kg: Nutritional additives:
Not applicable.
Feeding advice:
Not applicable.
Administration suggestion:
Fill in an approx. 7cm high layer of Dr.Clauder’s cat litter. Remove the small lumps daily and dispose of them in an environmentally way. Fill in the necessary quantity of fresh cat litter.

About Dr.Clauder’s

Dr.Clauder’s was founded by Dr Heinz Clauder in Hamburg, Germany in 1957. What used to be a food mill back in the day has now become a modern, owner-managed family company. Today, Dr.Clauder solutions for pets GmbH in Hamminkeln on the Lower Rhine employs around 100 people and is active in 65 countries.

Our love of animals, the reason why we develop the products, pervades the entire company – this includes our 10 office dogs and the fact that almost every employee is also a pet owner. So, the motto “Responsible pet food” is not just a slogan. Dr.Clauder’s team is committed to helping people and animals through numerous social projects – be it through donations or supporting animal shelters. These projects are often supported by national celebrities.


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