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Dr.Clauder’s Best Filet No.02 Chicken Breast 70g

Dr.Clauder’s Best Filet No.02 Chicken Breast 70g

Dr.Clauder’s Best Filet No.02 Chicken Breast:

  • activation of the metabolism
  • the low-calorie chicken has a very high vitamin and protein content

Product Information:

Dr.Clauder’s Best Filet No.02 Chicken Breast is a light treat for your pet. With 80 kcal per 100 g, Best Filet can be given as a highlight over dry food or as a reward in between meals. Chicken breast has a mild and tender taste, is rich in protein and low in calories. The contained vitamin B3 promotes the metabolism. It Breast is grain-free and contains no preservatives or flavour enhancers. Available in a 70 g tin.


Complementary feed for cats. Composition:
chicken breast 75.7%, broth 23.3%, potato starch 1%.
Analytical Constituents:
crude protein 23%, crude fat 1%, crude fibre 0.1%, crude ash 1.5%, moisture 75%.
Feeding advice:
Up to one can a day as a snack or reward. Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume within 48 hours.
Administration suggestion:
Store in a cool and dry place. Always provide fresh water! To be fed at room temperature.

Benefits of purchasing a high quality pet food.

  • A healthy, shiny coat
  • All of your cat’s nutritional needs will be met without the need for supplements
  • It will be easier for your cat to maintain a healthy weight
  • Your cat will have a higher energy level
  • Your cat will be hungry less often, because all of his nutritional needs will be met
  • Just like a human who eats a healthy diet, your cat will have fewer problems with illness and will be an overall healthier pet.


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