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Dr.Clauder’s Basic Nature Energy 20kg


Dr.Clauder’s Basic Nature Energy 20kg

Dr.Clauder’s Basic Nature Energy 20kg is goes back to the early 1950s and was founded by Dr Heinz Clauder, a doctoral nutritionist in Hamburg.

Dr. Clauder’s is a distinctive and popular name in producing premium Prescription Diets for Dogs & Cats. No other company offers this complete range under one brand. The brand Dr. Clauder goes back to the early 1950s and was founded by Dr Heinz Clauder, a doctoral nutritionist in Hamburg. With his company Dr. Clauder Pet Specialties founded in 1957, he was a pioneer in the field of scientifically developed nutritional supplements that offered the right product for every different life situation of the animal.

Dr. Clauder uses modern production techniques to manufacture premium quality pet food, supplements and skin care products. The famous Dr. Clauder’s brand, in 1993, the Best Choice brand was produced as the first ever European developed premium dog food that we still sell to the present day in 55 countries worldwide. Even at that time the motto was “of the highest quality”. A claim that we still to this day, systematically put into practice. Dr.Clauder’s Dry Dog Food is exclusively in Germany, it is certified according to the IFS Standard. Product developments are all made internally with an own Research & Development department and with own nutritional experts.

What does good-quality dog food mean?

The good quality of dog food depends on the good quality of its ingredients. Species-appropriate whole ingredients constitute the best quality food for your pet. For perfect growth and steady health of the dog, their food must contain whole muscle meat, grain-free, low-starch ingredients, animal fat, fruit, and vegetables.

Things to look for before buying dog food as Dr.Clauder’s Basic Nature Energy 20kg

Since you get the idea of good dog food, you need to know the key elements to judge if a product is up to the mark of high-quality pet foodThe best foods have some quality obligations.

  • A standard dog food maintains the guidelines of adding balanced nutrients to the food. The main animal protein comes from chicken, lamb, beef, etc. So, the brand must maintain a quality nutritional balance in the food. You can choose a trusted and reputable brand which delivers high-quality pet food for your best friend and help you to keep him happy and healthy. You can order the pet products online and get them directly at your doorstep.
  • If you are buying CBD products for your dog, then be sure that it is a trusted brand which delivers you the best and safe to use CBD product. Since CBD for dogs is really beneficial, whether it be for anxiety relief or other health issues, CBD can be a good option to opt for pets’ good health. There are many fake brands also which charge you a high-amount for their low quality products so be a smart buyer and always do some research before choosing a brand. Never compromise on the quality of pet food. You can read reviews and scroll through their website to check it.
  • The meaty meal is fine. But it is also helpful if the dog food contains animal meat byproducts as well. Grounded parts of bones, organs, etc of the animal carcass are much more nutritional for dogs than muscle meat. Dogs need the nutrients in bones, so, have the dog food that offers these byproducts as well.
  • Many breeds and species of the canine family are fine with a vegetarian diet. Unlike cats, dogs can have a completely vegetarian diet without any health loss. Many dog food brands in the market feature vegetarian dog food which is very healthy for dogs.

Benefits of Dr.Clauder’s Basic Nature Energy 20kg

Having your pet, the best dog food has many immediate benefits. These foods can make your dear one, a healthy and joyful pet.

1. Perfect muscle tone

Much like humans, dogs need protein-based food too to grow muscles. Athletic dogs need the perfect tone of tissues, cells, and muscles in their body. Good quality dog food becomes a balanced source of protein to the dogs, and that keeps their body repairing from any cell damage inside. Hence, your dog gets a perfect toned body and stays young for much older times by food. Good muscle health makes your dog a fit one.

2. Limited weight gain

Good quality dog foods have a balanced content of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. These ingredients do not increase the weight of your pet but still fulfill all the nutritional requirements. So, keeping them on a high-quality dog food diet is one of the best ways to keep their weight in control.

3. Proper energy throughout

Dogs are generally sporty creatures. You cannot expect them to be lying down all the time with sad faces. So, a healthy dog stays energetic all the time. High-quality dog foods take time to break down, so they give prolonged energy to your four-legged guy/girl.

Your baby is not very different from your human babies. So, you have to take control over what they eat and whatnot. Having food helps your canine stay healthy and happy



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