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Dr.Clauder’s BARF Traditional Salmon Oil 250ml

Dr.Clauder’s BARF Traditional Salmon Oil 250ml

Dr.Clauder’s BARF Traditional Salmon Oil:

  • From Norwegion fjord salmon
  • high in Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • For a shiny coat and resistant skin

The dog, as a descendant of the gray wolf, is being pushed to the limits of its resilience with more and more artificial ready-to-eat food. Consequences of unhealthy fast food meals for the four-legged friend are food allergies, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Although the dog has adapted to the habits of humans, its digestive anatomy and the entire gastrointestinal tract have not changed significantly in the course of its development from wolf to pedigree dog. A species-appropriate diet must therefore be based on the diet of the wolf, which is why more and more dog owners are switching to biologically species-appropriate raw feeding (BARF).

Raw meat in the dog bowl With the right BARF, the dog is offered a species-appropriate and healthy diet, through which diseases and allergies can often be successfully avoided. The main component of a BARF meal is always raw meat with a share of 70 percent. Fruit, vegetables, herbs and, to a lesser extent, grains are also added. At the beginning, the dog owner should stick to recipes prepared by experts in order not to feed his dog wrong. Over time, you quickly gain experience of what needs to be considered in order to properly cover the dog’s daily requirement. Raw feeding is also an excellent way for animals with allergies to permanently and successfully get rid of the annoying symptoms.

Product Information:

A shiny coat and healthy skin signify that your pet has plenty of vigour and health. But many animals have a dull coat, no undercoat and sensitive skin. This affects both the appearance of the skin and the coat. Dr.Clauder’s BARF Traditional Salmon Oil for dogs and cats has the power of pure salmon oil. The natural components of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 about 15% – omega 6 about 15%) have a direct effect on the skin and coat and promote vital body functions. The very low content of free fatty acids (<2%) further underlines the excellent quality of this natural product.


Feed materials for dogs and cats. Composition:
100% natural salmon oil.
Analytical Constituents:
crude fat 99%.
Feeding advice:
Dosage: body weight / ml per day (1 teaspoon = approx. 5ml): up to 5kg: 2.5ml; 5-15kg: 5ml; 15-30kg: 10ml; over 30kg: 15ml. Start with about 30% of the daily dose. within 1-2 weeks, increase to the full daily amount. Administration suggestion:
Add to feed or give separately. Shake well before each use!


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