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Domestic Medium Hair

Domestic Medium Hair

The domestic medium hair is a playful cat found in households across the world. This feline is a close cousin to the domestic shorthair and domestic long hair. The big difference? The domestic medium hair has a unique gene that gives it its defining, luxurious mid-length fur. If not for this gene, the domestic shorthair and medium hair would look quite similar. Interestingly, a domestic medium hair can be the offspring of either a domestic shorthair or domestic long hair cat. The opposite is also true: a domestic medium hair can produce either short or long-haired kittens.

Not technically considered a breed, domestic medium hairs are lovingly considered the “mutt” of the cat world. Their signature medium-length, double coat is less common than short fur, and these fuzzier felines tend to be a little larger and heavier than their shorthair cousins.

Due to their genetic variety, medium-haired cats have a wide range of personalities and physical features. Some love cuddles while others prefer their independence, making it easy to come across a cat who is the perfect fit for any family.

You’ll find that U.S. shelters are filled with wonderful medium hair felines all looking for their forever home. They’re easy to find and great to adopt!

History of Domestic Medium Hair

Cats first made their way to the Americas when the pilgrims came on the Mayflower, though cats were domesticated long before by the ancient Egyptians, around 2000 BC.

Physical Attributes of Domestic Medium Hair


These feline fur balls tend to be a bit heavier than their short-haired cousins. The domestic medium hair ranges anywhere from 11 to 22 pounds and males tend to be bigger than females. They also have slightly longer lifespans, averaging 15 to 17 years. Differences aside, they share a similar medium-sized and muscular build. Their delightful genetic variety gives us furry cats who are slender and long and others who are short and stout.

Domestic medium hair cats have a head that is a bit angular. You’re not likely to notice this because their fur softens the facial shape. Their ears are pointed and upright. Of course, you’ll quickly spot their signature fluffy tail, which has a feathery quality.

A generally healthy cat, like many household felines the domestic medium hair has been known to overeat when allowed to free-feed. Be sure to watch their diet, as overeating can lead to obesity and secondary diseases such as arthritis or diabetes.

The domestic medium hair cat is a beautiful member of the feline family who might steal your heart with a wave of the tail.


Their defining feature—a silky, medium-length double coat—gives them a fluffy, soft appearance, enticing everyone who sees them to want to cuddle up! Whether a cat welcomes all-night snuggles and couch cuddle sessions will depend on their individual temperament.

The medium hair can vary greatly in fur color. They can be black, orange, gray, or white or any color of the cat-fur rainbow. It’s easy to find them in a single color, two-toned like, tuxedos, or tri-colored calicos. And let’s not forget the tabby! Their coat, while fairly easy to maintain, will benefit from a weekly brushing. Their eyes come in an assortment of green, blue, brown and hazel.

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