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Disposable Male and Female Dog Diapers, Small: 10 to 15.5-in waist, 36 count


Disposable Male and Female Dog Diapers, Small: Dealing with your pup’s potty problems can be ruff, so help manage the mess with Hartz’s Disposable Dog Diapers. Paw-fect for traveling with confidence and managing incontinence, female heat cycles, and excitable urination, these diapers feature a FlashDry technology that instantly turns urine into a gel to help keep your dog dry for up to six hours! These diapers also follow the natural contour of your sidekick’s waist and leg structure, delivering a comfortable and breathable feel, with soft and stretchable gather that’s also snug and secure for plenty of protection. And with an adjustable tail hole and adjustable fuzzy fastener tabs, you can customize the fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Key Benefits

  • FlashDry technology turns urine into a gel for up to 6 hours of leak-proof protection.
  • Paw-fect for travel, dogs recovering from surgery, females in heat, or for dogs who suffer from incontinence or excitable urination.
  • The thoughtful design features soft and stretchable gathers and delivers a comfortable and breathable fit without any slipping or bunching.
  • The adjustable tail hole can accommodate tails of all shapes and sizes.
  • These 42 designer-printed disposable diapers have adjustable tabs, like a baby diaper, so you can find the right fit without worrying about them sticking to your pet’s fur.
  • Spread the side gathers away from the diaper
  • With the velcro tabs under your dog’s belly and the padding facing in, slip the hole of the diaper over your dog’s tail. Ensure the slit is outside.
  • Position the diaper against your dog’s underbelly and between the back legs until the diaper is comfortably snug.
  • Pull the tabs up and around securing them to the top portion of the diaper.
  • Adjust the tabs as needed; they can be reattached multiple times.
  • Let your dog go back to normal activities!

TIP: If your pet falls between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two.

Size Waist Size
SSS up to 10 inches
SS 8 – 12 inches
Small 10 – 15.5 inches
Medium 15 – 22 inches
Large 22 – 34 inches


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