What are the best indoor cat houses?

The best indoor cat houses will provide a cozy and comfortable sleep and lounging space for your feline. Look for cat houses with cushioned surfaces and machine washable covers or easy-clean surfaces for convenient care. Cat condo towers can be great for multi-cat homes, or choose a cave-style cat house for cats who like to hide in secluded warmth.

What are the best outdoor cat houses?

The best outdoor cat houses will be protective, durable and weatherproof so they can resist the elements and keep your outdoor cat comfortable. Look for self-heating or plug-in electric models in cooler climates or sheltered and well-ventilated styles in warmer zones. Features like door flaps can help trap heat for added warmth, and elevated designs can help keep dirt and moisture from getting in.

Where should I place my cat’s house?

Place your cat house in an out-of-the-way area that’s quiet and away from excessive heat or cold. Indoor cat houses can be tucked into a low-traffic area like a bedroom, although some cats will enjoy being near people in a family room or den. Put outdoor houses in a safe area protected from moisture and direct sunlight—preferably somewhere sheltered like a porch or garage, if practical. You may need to experiment with placement to see which area your cat prefers.