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Canine Prestige Pet Cologne


Canine Prestige Pet Cologne

Canine Prestige Pet Cologne is stunning dog cologne with a rare blend of pure of pure floral scent to provide that special clean fresh and appealing treat for your pet.

Application of Canine Prestige Pet Cologne

squirt cologne behind ears, over the tail, head ad along the body after bath or whenever desires between birth. Cautiously avoid the eye.


Alcohol, Purified aqua, and fragrance


Highly inflammable . keep away from flame or heat

Can I Spray Perfume on My Dog?

If your hound’s odor has gone to the dogs, don’t terrier yourself up over it! It is paw-sible to return Fido to the fresh zone. A bath using fresh-smelling dog soaps works wonders, but it isn’t always convenient. As such, you’re probably wondering, “Is it ok to spray perfume on a dog?” Absolutely! We created GotDog deodorizing sprays to help keep your furry friends fresh in between baths or whenever they smell ruff. Our pet cologne is specially formulated to be safe for animals. You can even give yourself a squirt or two if needed because our formulas are crafted much like human perfume.

Perfume and Dogs

Once your pet passes the spot test, you have the answer to, “Can I put cologne on my dog?” Now the fun part begins — choosing the paw-fect perfume! All of our pet cologne is based on your favorite designer fragrances so you are sure to find a doggone fabulous scent. Our doggie perfumes come in masculine, feminine and unisex formulas so it’s paw-sible to change up Lucky’s scent for every occasion.

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