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Typical Dosage

The typical adult dose of Brustan N is 400 mg every 4 to 6 hours (not more than 3200 mg in one day). The maximum dose for adults of Brustan N is 3200 mg per day. This medicine is commonly used for a period of 3 days for fever, and 10 days for pain. Brustan N is typically used at the same time every day. It takes 1-2 hours for this medicine to start its action. There are no known habit-forming tendencies with this medicine.
This medicine should be used on an as-needed basis. Brustan N may be recommended for long-term use in the treatment of symptoms of rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.
If using the liquid form of this medicine, measure the dose using the provided measuring cup, spoon, or dropper. Before pouring the medicine into the measuring device, you should check the measurement markings carefully. Then, pour the dose amount into the device. After use, clean and store the measuring device in a safe place for your next use. You should not use a tablespoon or teaspoon as the dose measuring devices since it can result in an incorrect dose. If indicated on the product package, shake the medicine before use.
If you are using the chewable tablet form of this medicine, make sure you chew the medicine before you swallow it.

Talk to Your Doctor

Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens or if you develop new symptoms.
A lower dose of Brustan N Tablet may be recommended to reduce the risk of side-effects.

Use in Children

If you are giving Brustan N Tablet to a child, be sure to use a product that is meant for use in children. Before giving this medicine, use the child’s weight or age to find the right dose from the leaflet or product package. You can also read the dosage section of this page to know the correct dose for your child. Else, consult with your doctor and follow their recommendation.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol with Brustan N.


Store Brustan N Tablet at room temperature away from excess heat, away from moisture, and away from light. Keep this medicine away from children and pets.
Medicines may be given for uses other than those listed in the medicine guide. Do not use Brustan N Tablet for symptoms for which it was not prescribed. Do not give Brustan N Tablet to others who may have similar symptoms as you. Self-medication can cause harm.

How to take Brustan N

The dose and frequency of using Brustan N will depend on the following factors:
  • age of the patient
  • the weight of the patient
  • patient’s health
  • the health of the patient’s liver
  • the health of the patient’s kidneys
  • medicines recommended by the doctor
  • any other medicines being used
  • herbal supplements being used
  • response to the medicine

Brustan N Dosage

Dosage for painful swelling and stiffness of the joints

  • Recommended: 1200-3200 mg daily
  • Initial: 800 mg three times daily (2400 mg per day)
  • Maximum: 3200 mg per day

Dosage for swollen and stiffened joints

  • Recommended: 20 mg – 30 mg per kg / 9 mg – 14 mg per lb of body weight daily. Take this dose in 3-4 parts/day.
  • Maximum: 40 mg per kg / 18 mg per lb of body weight daily. Take this dose in 3-4 parts/day.

Dosage for painful menstrual periods

  • Recommended: 400 mg every 4 hours
Children (10-12 years)
  • Recommended: 200-800 mg every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum: 800 mg per day

Dosage for fever

  • Recommended: 200-400 mg every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum: 1200 mg per day
Children (over 12 years)
  • Recommended: 200-400 mg every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum: 1200 mg per day

Minimum Age

6 months

Dosage calculation for children

To calculate the dosage for children please use the weight based dose calculator to calculate the appropriate dosage as per the weight of your child.


Strength: 200 mg, 300 mg, 400 mg, 600 mg, 800 mg
Strength: 50 mg/1.25mL, 100 mg/5mL
Strength: 5 mg/1mL, 10 mg/1mL

Missed Dose

A missed dose should be taken as early as you remember it. However, if the time for the next dose is almost there, then the missed dose should be skipped, and the regular dosing schedule should be continued. Avoid taking a repeated dose to make up for a missed dose.


What to do if you overdose on Brustan N?
If you have taken more than the recommended dose of Brustan N, get medical advice immediately. If the overdose has happened within the last 1 hour, the toxic effect can be reduced by taking activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal is a form of carbon that has small and low-volume pores. These pores help trap chemicals as in the case of poisoning. In the case of adults, gastric lavage is used to minimize the toxic effect. Gastric lavage is the process of cleaning out the toxic substances of the stomach.
Symptoms of an overdose of Brustan N
If you use too much of this medicine, it could lead to dangerous levels of the medicine in your body. In such cases, symptoms of an overdose may include:
If you think you have overdosed on Brustan N Tablet, call a poison control center immediately. You can look up the poison control center information from the Poison Center Finder at

Precautions while using Brustan N

Before you use Brustan N, tell your doctor of your medical and health history including the following:
Before you use Brustan N Tablet, discuss with your doctor if you are allergic to it or its ingredients. Your doctor may prescribe an alternative medicine and update your medical records to record this information.
Before having surgery during the use of Brustan N, discuss with your doctor and dentist about the medicinal products you use including prescription/non-prescription/herbal medicines.
The use of this medicine may change blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, the use of Brustan N may lead to an increase in your blood pressure. Hence, you should, monitor your blood pressure regularly.


Brustan N Tablet can make you feel sleepy. Be careful when using any machinery, driving a vehicle, or doing any other activity that needs you to be fully alert. The consumption of alcohol with Brustan N Tablet can worsen the sleepiness.

Use in Pregnancy

The use of Brustan N during pregnancy should only be when required. This medicine may harm an unborn baby by causing heart disease and high blood pressure. Brustan N belongs to the NSAID class of medicines. NSAIDs should not be taken after 29 weeks of pregnancy as these medicines may cause serious harm to the unborn baby.

Use while Breastfeeding

Consult with your doctor on the use of Brustan N Tablet during breastfeeding. This medicine is found in breast milk but is not in a significant amount to cause any harm to the baby. However, if you use Brustan N for the long-term, you should consider not breastfeeding your baby.

Use while Conceiving

Brustan N may impact fertility in women. If you are trying to conceive, discuss with your doctor on the use of this medicine. The use of Brustan N may reduce fertility in women trying to have a baby. Do not use Brustan N in women who are having problems with having a baby. In women trying to conceive or in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, a low dose of Brustan N should be used for a short time.


Avoid consuming alcohol together with Brustan NDrinking alcohol may cause may increase the risk of stomach and intestinal bleeding.

Increased Risks

This medicine may cause bleeding in the stomach. Regular use of tobacco or alcohol while using this medicine can increase your risk. Discuss with your doctor if you smoke and drink alcohol regularly. Brustan N should not be used in chickenpox as it increases the risk of infection. It may lead to increased risk of getting viral infections and meningitis in patients who have certain existing autoimmune disorders. This medicine may increase your sensitivity to sunlight. If this happens, use a sunscreen and cover your skin when you are outdoors. Limit your time in the sun.

Side-effects in Older Patients

Brustan N Tablet may cause increased incidence of side-effects in older patients. Elderly patients may see an increased risk of bleeding of the stomach and intestines, and rupture in the lining of the stomach or intestines.

Long-term Use

Long-term treatment increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, ulcers, and bleeding of the stomach and intestines.

What precautions should be taken during Pregnancy and Nursing, and administering Brustan N to Children or the Older Adults?

Pregnant Women

Warning: This medicine should be avoided in the last three months of pregnancy because it may cause heart disease in the baby.


No Known Risk
Warning: This medicine is found in breast milk but is not significant to cause any harm to the baby. If you are undergoing long-term treatment using this medicine, discuss the impact on the baby with your doctor.

Younger Adults Population

Warning: Don’t give Brustan N to infants under 6 months of age, unless advised by your doctor.

Older Adults Population

Warning: Special care should be taken in older patients.

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