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Brazilian Shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair

The Brazilian Shorthair is a breed of cat. It is the first cat breed from Brazil to receive international recognition. Large-sized and muscular body, yet elegant. Tail should not be broad at base, and should slightly taper in the tip.

Brazilian Shorthair cats have a slightly curved profile and large, pointed ears, and large, rounded eyes with colour that resembles the coat colour. The coat is very short, silky and glossy and with no undercoat. People with allergies of cats suffer the least from this breed. Minimal brushing is required. Almost all colours are possible.

The Brazilian Shorthair is viable as an indoor as well as an outdoor cat, and is keen on human contact. Very playful as a kitten. As they get older, they sober up a little, though they stay fairly active.

Breed Information

Popularity 2018: N/A

2017: N/A

Name Brazilian Shorthair
Other names None
Origin Brazil
Size Large to Largest
Coat Short


Flat Lying



Lap Cat No
Life span 14-20 years
Temperament Active


Weight Male: 12 – 22 pounds

Female: 10 – 16 pounds

Colors Variety








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