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Albenor 2.5%

Albenor 2.5% has broad-spectrum action against parasites. It is effective against nematodes, cestodes and flukes. Albenor 2.5% not only is good effective both against adult and un-matured parasite and larva. It also has effect of killing parasite eggs.

albenor 2.5% can be used to expel parasite equorum, adult and forth and forth period larva of Ozyuris equi, Stronylus equines, S.edentatus, S.vulgaris and D,amfieldi in horse, and adult and forth period larva of ostertegia Ransom, Haemonchus, Trichostrongylus, Nematodirus, Bunostomum phleboto – mum, Oesophagostome and Dictyocaulus spp, adult Fasciola and hepatica Linn and moniezia taeniasis in cattle. And albenor 2.5% can also be used in control parasite. This can be in sheep, goat and pig and in treatment of infections of Capilaiaria of cats and dogs, cats lung paragononimiasis and dogs filatiasis. It is also useful in Flagellata and Cestode in poultry.

Dosage & administration

For oral administration with single dose (per 1kg live body weight) of 5 – 10 mg. Horse, 10 – 15 mg for cattle, sheep and goats 5- 10 mg for pigs, 25 – 50 mg for dogs and 10 – 20 mg for poultry.

Adverse Reactions

There is no obvious adverse effect for cattle at recommendation dose. Anorexia is found in dog with 50mg/kg dose twice a day. Slight drowiness, depression, anorexia occurred in cat.


  1. Albernor 2.5% should not be used in lactating cow and the cow 45 days before gestation
  2. When albenor 2.5% is used in sheep and rabbit with early gestation. This may cause teratogenic effect and embryo toxicity

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 14 days for cattle, 4 days for sheep and goats, 7 days for pigs, 4 days for poultry  milk: 60 hours


Store below 30 degree celsius at cool, dry place protected from light and heat.

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